ACI Carolinas Chapter is one of more than 100 local chapters affiliated with the American Concrete Institute. The ACI Carolinas Chapter was formed in 1975 to bring together individuals and groups in North Carolina and South Carolina who are interested in concrete for the purpose of discussing and disseminating technical and educational information. The ACI Carolinas Chapter is actively engaged in serving the concrete industry through:

  • Certification Testing
  • Meetings and Seminars
  • Student Chapter Sponsorship
  • Student Fellowship Award
  • Community Service

Certification Testing: A primary function of the ACI Carolinas Chapter is to provide opportunities for ACI written and performance certification testing in our area. Our chapter offers an extensive calendar of certification opportunities. ACI Carolinas Chapter members receive discounted rates for some certification testing.

Meetings and Seminars: The ACI Carolinas Chapter hosts four meetings per calendar year. The meetings are held in different cities during the year to maximize the number of members and visitors who may attend. Technical seminars are held in conjunction with the Chapter meetings.

Student Chapter Sponsorship: ACI Carolinas Chapter also sponsors the formation and continuation of student chapters within North Carolina and South Carolina. Student chapters are currently active at North Carolina State University, at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and at the University of South Carolina at Columbia.

Student Fellowship: The Barbara S. and W. Calvin McCall Carolinas Fellowship within the ACI Foundation was created by the ACI Carolinas Chapter. Honoring Barbara S. and W. Calvin McCall, the chapter named the fellowship for the tremendous dedication the McCalls have for the concrete community and the Carolinas Chapter of ACI. This $7,000 fellowship may be awarded to undergraduate, Masters, or PhD students in construction, design, education, or materials programs during the year of the award. The student should be an active member of an ACI Student Chapter affiliated with the Carolinas Chapter; a student in good standing with a University in North Carolina or South Carolina; or an active member of an ACI Student Chapter in the United States.

Community Service: ACI Carolinas Chapter members perform service within the communities that we serve. Previous organizations which the ACI Carolinas Chapter has supported include Toys for Tots, Meals on Wheels, and Concrete for a Cure.